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10 Ways To Help Your Man Get In Shape This Year

With 2021 upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your personal health and fitness goals. After the year we just had, getting back to pre-pandemic fitness and wellness may be more difficult than many think. Not only are men trying to bulk back up, but they are also trying hard to put some spice

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Bring The Spark Back To Your Love Life This Year With These 6 Tips

For many, the past year of lockdowns and shutdowns have left the excitement and passion of their love life on the backburner. The grueling day to day grind and routine can lead you days, weeks, and months of monotony. Nothing kills romance and intimacy more than routine. From disinterest in daily interactions to a lack

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Take On The New Year With A Custom Keto Diet

As the pages of the calendar (or rather the digits on my smartphone) counted down to the end of the year, I realized that it was high time that I began to make plans for how I would be a better person starting on January 1st. I am someone who loves to make challenging goals

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Ten Tips To Keep Your Feet Moving

When it comes to your body, few limbs take quite a beating like your feet. The foundation of your body, your feet help you balance, keep you moving forward, and serve you faithfully day in and day out. That is why when your feet start to hurt, the rest of your body follows suit quickly.

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The Secret to Great Golf? Hitting The Books

Every year I spend some much-needed time out on the links with some great friends. Between holes and while we watch our buddies take their swings, we always have some great conversation. The topics vary from politics, current events, marriage, sports – you name it. Yet time and again the conversation seems to take a

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The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Veins Right Now

You may not realize it, but there is a secret enemy lurking within your body that is threatening to steal your life and future before you realize it’s happening. Deep within your blood vessels and arteries, cholesterol known as Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is being created by the interaction of normal LDLs with chemical-induced free

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4 Tips For Supercharging Your Fitness Journey This Year

Every year, I receive questions and comments from individuals across the fitness spectrum who are asking how to boost their fitness routine and add new elements to help them achieve their goals. From diet plans and nutrition requests to updated lifting or cardio schedules, there are a ton of great ways to add variety and

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How To Take Your Fitness Routine To The Next Level In 2021

As the calendar flips to yet another new year, it’s time for reviewing the past 12 months and taking a look at what is coming down the pipeline. For many, personal health and wellness has become an essential part of their new year’s resolutions – especially after the year of anxiety, stress, and lockdowns we

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